Wednesday, August 21, 2013

X-ray junction

The term X-Ray junction seems questionable ... a junction with an X-ray machine?? This is a junction on the way to Kottayam from Kochi bypassing Chertala. Somewhere as we pass Chertala on the left this X-ray junction appears and there sit a "famous" food stall.

The look of it was more like an old railway workers quarters in Malaysia. One slab of a long house with a single door and multiple windows all at the same level and of the same size.

Inside this building, that looks sufficiently weathered to be classified as a historic building, is the restaurant that sells the best fish curry to be found within a 75km of Kochi. The owner picks the fishes himself at the local market where fishermen bring their catch and cooks only whatever fresh fish found that day. Therefore there is no "standard menu".