Friday, November 24, 2017

My varied status in Dubai

I have been walking the streets and tourist spots of Dubai since Nov 2014 when I officially became a Dubai "resident visa" holder. My stay here has been a mix of studio apartment, serviced apartment, hotel apartment and hotel rooms. I must say I enjoy less space rather than a sprawling apartment ... the brain has less to process in a hotel room as everything is taken care of by housekeeping.

I realized that I am an expatriate, tourist and immigrant at different times.

Expatriate - when I am in the Gold Class cabin of the Metro, having bfast at Costa Coffee and dinner at Uno Grill.

Tourist - when I walk out of the hotel with my camera & water bottle, get excited about photography at the Burj Khalifa fountain and shop alone in Watson.

Immigrant - when I underestimate the weight of the laundry and walk with 12 hangers with pants, shirt, T shirt and 2 bags of unlisted items.

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