Monday, February 8, 2021

Sunset & sunrise in Dubai, UAE


The winter sunrise and sunsets in Dubai are spectacular views that require a lot of patience and good timing. On a clear day, from a high building, we can view all the way to the sea.

Sunrise at Creek, Dubai

Buildings start to glisten in gold as the sun rises. The birds awaken and start their morning ritual of being early to catch the worm.

Photographer at sunrise

My photography partner, Rahul Hariyani, and I decided to get to the creekside as early as 5am to wait for the perfect moment.

Sunrise view at Creek Dubai

Sunrise with building silhouette


As the sun sets west, the color scheme is more reddish and we could see the sun dipping under the horizon.

Sunset in Dubai

Buildings reflect the light on its surface and create a canvas of amber

Beautiful sights that are awesome and memorable!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The romance of Venice


Venice from above

The reality set in as soon as I landed at the Venice airport. There is no metro train or 4-wheeled taxi to take me to my hotel at Grand Canal. 

The address of the hotel says "Hotel Carlton at the Grand Canal" and I needed a boat to get there! 

As I travelled by boat into Venice, I could see why it is said to be a romantic place. For me and my wife, it was as if we were there on our honeymoon. It was indeed romantic.

The whole place, surrounded by water and waterways, was very soothing and walks along the corridors presented excellent opportunities for my photography. 

I clicked away happily and ended my first day with 1,236 photographs of the "streets", canals and boats.


In summary, it was our 3 days well spent and a whole experience that remains as a sweet memory